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Me as in Rajeev Hathi. With more than 15 years of progressive experience in the IT industry and having specialized on a Java platform, I offer a distinguished career in the area of design, development, solution’s, documentation and mentoring. My skill set includes, but not limited to, Java and Java EE stack of technologies and open source frameworks, database platforms and networking basics.
I have been a contributing author for IBM developerWorks forum, Associate Editor at Java Code Geeks forum and have also co-authored a book titled ‘Apache CXF Web Service Development’ – a Packt publishing initiative. My hobbies are watching sports, listening to good music and writing.

Consulting Services

I can provide consulting in the following areas to assist your project needs. I can easily adapt to technologies and associate with your project team to achieve final goal and objective.

Web Development

Web development using Web 2.0 frontend architecture that includes modern day Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember etc. and backend frameworks like Spring and REST services.

Legacy Migration

Devise a roadmap to perform legacy application migration. Implementing modern technologies is the need of the hour. Applications with old technologies must be replaced with modern technology stack to improve usability and performance.

Application Integration

Old legacy systems cannot be discarded easily. Some of its functions can be refactored to inter operate with new modern day web applications. Provide a integrating solution in terms of ESB or protocol adapters that can serve your integration needs.

Code Refactoring

Legacy code can soon turns into a pile of spaghetti. Better code writing can result in good maintenance and re usability. Code refactoring has become a necessary ingredient towards the overall quality of the project.

Technical Documentation

Perform technical documentation that can assist project and company in general. Provide help in developing artifacts like Technical Architecture, Application Architecture, RFP responses, User Story writing and last but not the least White Paper on technologies.


Provide training and mentoring project team on the usage of new technologies. Guiding team members through knowledge sharing sessions, pep talks and demonstrating proof of concept.

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Apache CXF Web Service Development


From My Blog

Sharing knowledge is divine. You will find here articles on Java and related technologies.

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